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KRC SEO Keyword Counter Tool is essential when using keyphrases to rank in search engines. If you use your key phrases too often, your content could seem overly optimized. In addition, your visitors might feel irritated with your overuse of keyphrases, which can signal to Google that you are over-optimizing your copy. To remedy this issue, try using synonyms for your focus keyphrase.
A good keyword density tool will allow you to determine the density of keywords on any webpage. You can use it to check your competitor's content, your content, or an unpublished website. The tool will scan your webpage and deliver a detailed report in a few seconds. Use the tool to determine if your text has enough keyword density to attract potential customers.

How it Works
Keyword Counter Tool counts the amount of text used within the on-page body text and heading tags. It also calculates the keyword density percentage based on the word count. The higher the rate, the higher the keyword density. Therefore, using a Keyword Counter can help you keep your keyword usage to a minimum.
KRC SEO Keyword Counter Tool is a free web tool that analyzes your content. You can use it to check the density of your keywords, page URL, and more. It can also explore your website's traffic, backlinks, and traffic sources. 




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