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The Complete Guide to KRC SEO Website Total Links Tool and How to Improve Your SEO Rankings

What is the Website Total Links Tool?

KRC SEO Website Total Links Tool helps to find the number of backlinks for a given website.

It is an online resource that can check how many links are on any website. It can also check how many external and internal links are on any webpage or URL.

The tool works by checking the HTML code and following all hyperlinks to other pages on the site until it reaches an endpoint, which will be counted as one link in total.

A backlink can easily be created from an image, a text hyperlink, or even just on social media. This benefit is that it helps search engines rank your site higher on the results page. It also significantly increases the chance of people clicking on your site and visiting it.

Benefits of using the KRC SEO Website Total Links Tool

  • Counts the number of links on a webpage
  • Displays the total link count for a webpage
  • Works on all websites, including international domains
  • Checks the links on any given website to see how many of them are broken
  • Shows a text report that lists every URL on the page and whether it is working or not
  • Helps web admins fix broken links before Google, and other search engines find them

How to Use Website Total Links Tool?

  1. Input the website URL you want to check in the input field
  2. Click "submit."
  3. The number of links on the given website will be displayed on the result page.

How do Backlinks Help with SEO?

Backlinks are also known as inbound links. They are the links that point to your website from other websites. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO because they help search engines determine the relevancy of your content and how popular it is.

What's the Best Tool To Monitor & Follow Up On Backlinks?

Google Search Console is the most excellent tool for tracking backlinks and taking action. A free service that informs on how well your website performs in Google search results is called Google Search Console.

Using the Google Search Console, you may learn more about how well your website performs in Google search results. It also provides a plethora of additional features, including:

- Site performance data

- Links to crawl your site

- Crawl errors

- Security issues

How can I use the Website Total Links Tool to improve my site's rankings in search engines?

A Website Total Links Tool can help you improve your site's rankings in search engines by giving you an idea of how many links are pointing to your site. It also enables you to identify which links are relevant or irrelevant. This information can then determine which ones need to be removed from the list and which ones need to be added.

How does Website Links Count Checker work?

Website Links Count Checker is a service that monitors the number of links to a website and alerts you if the count falls below a specified threshold.

 Pros and cons of using the Website Total Links Tool?

KRC SEO Website Total Links Tool is a free online tool that lets you discover the quantity and caliber of links going to your website.


  • This tool provides a quick and easy way to check the number of links to your site and their quality.
  • It also gives you an idea about how many backlinks point to your place, which can be helpful when you're trying to rank higher in search engine results pages.
  • The ability to save time by identifying broken links before affecting your rankings.


  • This tool only tells you the total number of backlinks, not how many come from which domain or page.
  • Website Links Count Checker only identifies live, valid links on the web. It cannot identify broken or outdated links.
  • Website Links Count Checker cannot be used for link-building purposes.




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