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About Text Counter Tool

A Text Counter is a tool used to measure the number of words in a document or passage. You may need to use a text counter for various reasons, including when writing for an academic assignment or in legal proceedings. It can also be helpful in advertising and journalism. The tool is easy to use and provides accurate results. There are many free word counter applications available. However, many of them require an internet connection and can be cumbersome.


One of the most outstanding features of a text counter is its ability to calculate the frequency of keywords used in your text. The frequency at which a particular keyword or phrase is repeated can profoundly affect page ranking. So, while using a keyword too often can hurt a site's ranking, using it too infrequently will have the opposite effect. Text Counter also offers a function called Keywords Density, which can help you determine the frequency of keywords in your writing.


Another advantage of using a Text Counter is its simplicity. This tool can count any text and display its final word count with a single click. In addition, you can also see the average word length, character count, and longest word. Word Counters also allow counting characters, which is helpful for content posted on the social media platform




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