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What is the Google Data & Cache Checker tool?

Krc SEO Google Data & Cache Checker is a free online tool that helps you find the original URL of any web page that might have been changed or removed. You can use it to compare the cached version of a webpage with the current version or to see how a webpage looked at a point in time in the past.

SEO experts and content creators use the Google Data & Cache Checker tool to ensure that their content is up-to-date and not missing any recent changes.

How does the Google Data & Cache Checker tool work?

Krc SEO Google Data & Cache Checker is a free tool of that allows you to find out if Google has indexed the content on your website. Webmasters use this tool regularly to find out how their website ranks in Google search results.

  • The tool works by scanning your webpage and checking to see if it can be found in Google’s cache.
  • Enter Your URL in the box provided and Click "Submit"
  • It will display the cached page and tell you how many times Google has indexed the page.

What is the difference between Google cache and web archive?

Google cache is temporary storage for web pages that Google has crawled. A web archive is an archive of the web that captures the state of web pages and other information on the web at a specific point in time.

Google cache stores a copy of the content from websites, enabling users to view it without an Internet connection. Web archives archive content from websites, which can be used to see how they looked in the past or as a backup in case their owners delete them.

How long does Google Cache last?

Google’s cache is a digital representation of the content of a webpage that has been stored on Google’s servers. Anyone can access this cache, which has a relatively long lifespan but is not permanent.

Google cache is not permanent, and it can be deleted at any time. This means that Google will delete your cached copy if you make any changes to the webpage that are then published. Is it possible to update the cache after it is generated? While it is possible to update the cache after it is generated, it is not recommended. The cache will be regenerated after any change in the copywriting process.




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