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About the Domain Malware ExplorerTool? 

KRC SEO Domain Malware Explorer tool is a web-based tool that helps to find malicious domains. The Suspicious Domain Checker Tool is a free web-based tool that allows you to find malicious domains. It does so by performing DNS lookups and checking the domain's WHOIS information, looking for signs of phishing, malware, and other forms of cybercrime.

This section introduces what Domain Malware Explorer Tool is and how it can be used. The Tool has two main options: 

  1.  Domain list- A domain list can be used to see which domains are malicious and if they are registered or hosted on a suspicious website
  2. WHOIS- WHOIS information can be used to see if there have been any recent changes, such as new nameservers or IP address changes

 The Suspicious Domain Checker Tool has several other features, such as finding phishing




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