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Price Per Link Calculator: A Guide to Calculating the Cost per Link of Your Online Marketing Campaigns


The cost of a link is one of the most critical metrics for any digital marketer. It's the price that you have to pay for your website to be listed on search engine results pages.

Many factors influence a link's price: its popularity, age, quality, and so on. But there is no way to know what your competitors are paying for links, which makes it difficult to set a fair price.

That's why we created Link Price Calculator - an online tool that allows you to calculate how much you should be paying for links based on their quality.

What is a Price Per Link Calculator?

A Price Per Link Calculator also helps you determine the value of one link in your SEO strategy.

It is a straightforward tool that can be beneficial.

We must consider that links are not all created equal, and many factors influence their value.

The following are some of the things that affect the price of a link:

  • The age of the domain and the number of links on it;
  • The PageRank (PR) and TrustRank (TR) of the domain;
  • The quality and quantity of incoming links from other domains;
  • The relevance, popularity, and trustworthiness of content on the page where you want to place your link.


You can use a Price Per Link Calculator to determine the price of your links and their potential return on investment.

The Price Per Link Calculator is an excellent tool for digital marketers to use when they are trying to determine the cost of their links and ROI.




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