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What is a Domain Age Calculator?

A Domain Age Calculator is a tool that helps you find out how old a domain name is. This tool uses a history of domain usage to determine how old a website is. For example, you can see whether a website was abandoned for a year, then revived. This way, you can make the most informed decision possible.

How to use
To use a domain age checker,
  1. enter the domain name you want to check in the field provided.
  2. Click "Submit"
  3. The tool will then display results within a few seconds. You will get information such as the date the domain was registered, its expiration date when it was last updated, and its IP address.

Having this information can help you negotiate a price.

The age of a domain name is often essential for SEO purposes. Older domains have a higher Domain Authority, which measures how search engines view them. This is not necessarily indicative of the quality of a website, but it does mean that users have engaged with the site over time.
When determining the age of a website, Google looks at two factors: how old it is and how often it is updated. A website makes fewer errors and makes more efforts to increase its value and usefulness the longer it has been online. As a result, the more authoritative a site is, its ranking is higher.




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