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What is the True DNS Finder Tool?

True DNS Finder Tool is a search engine that helps find a domain's IP address. It also helps find the domain information, name servers, and mail servers. The tool is handy for web admins who want to learn more about their domains. It also helps them resolve technical issues related to fields like email not working or name server changes.

How does the True DNS Finder Tool work?

A DNS server is a server that translates domain names into IP addresses. It is used to locate the IP address of a domain name and then connect to it. Every aspect of the Internet, from web browsing and email delivery to social networking and online commerce, depends on DNS servers.

DNS records are information about a domain name, its owner, its location on the Internet, and other assorted data that can be found in a zone file. Many different types of records are available for all sorts of purposes, such as MX records for email, CNAME records for web hosting, and NS records for name servers.

Find DNS Records Tool helps you quickly find all these different DNS records!

How to use Krc SEO True DNS Finder Tool?

The Find DNS records tool lists all the domains associated with your account. You can also use this Krc SEO Tool to find more information about a particular domain by selecting it from the list. For example, if you want to know more about "www.example-domain-name," you would choose it from the list and click on "Find DNS Records." This will show you all the domain details, such as its name servers, IP address, email address, etc.

  1. Enter the domain name in the text box and click "Submit."
  2. The results will display shortly.

The DNS records are displayed in a table format, which includes the following information:

-Domain: This is the website's domain name that is being looked up.

-Name Server: This is an IP address of a server that manages this domain.

-Host Address: This is an IP address of a server where this domain resides.

-Aliases: These are other names for this domain apart from its primary name (i.e., www). Record Type: This specifies what type of information can be found for this record (i.e., A, CNAME, MX).




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